Monday, August 24, 2009

Guardian Angel

I used to have nightmares,
Where it has now become true,
And it’s still haunting me even I let it go everything,
I am missing the feels to be down there,
Where I can keep u safe all the time,
U were in my arm and it feels so warm,

This nightmare will not go away,
Every time before dawn memories flashes,
It kills me softly,
Owh dear god, I can’t get your plan,
Will it end soon?
Answer my prayer and I’m free to go,

I want to be down there,
I want to touch the ground,
Nevertheless, I can’t because I don’t have the right,
Will you be safe down there?
Will you be happy down there?

Owh dear, afraid you do not,
Because I’m here watching from above,
Guarding you far up here,
Smiling here when you happy,
Crying here when you sad,
Afraid no more because I’m your Guardian Angel

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